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 The Hachiko Prodigy

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Miharu Hachiko

Miharu Hachiko

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PostSubject: The Hachiko Prodigy   Tue Jun 29, 2010 9:34 pm

Blood splattered across the walls of the household, the once pure white walls now covered in a maroon mix as it stained it. The carpeting was in the same position, dirtied with the liquid spatters now being soaked up and confined. Bodies hit the floor with a thud, piling on top of one another. The bodies themselves were wrapped in black leather, anbu masks covering their faces so their identity could be hidden from further acknowledging whom they were. A sword now pierced into the skin, ripping the organs inside as the soul now began to vanish, leaving it a mere corpse. Retreating the metal and pulling it back, the body now fell backwards toppling on the rest of the pile. Who could be slaughtering these people, one may ask. But that answer would arise all in due time.
The door to the sanctuary slammed open, more and more ninja piling in to have their chance at fighting and redeeming their lost comrades. Again, the body count just kept growing every minute, more and more dead and murdered. Finally, one last man entered the room, no more following behind. His body shivered from the horror of the attacker, not wanting to be harmed and be sent to the same fate as the others. The murderer drew closer, seeing the scared man tremble in her presence. Yes, the murderer was indeed a female. Yet, none of them knew this due to the fact her body was covered by a pitch black cloak, and enveloped by the shadow's, almost making her look ghostly and a phantom. Staggering closer, the ninja backed up horrified now retrieving a kunia, raising it to her even though his guts told him not to, but his mind told him he must.
"Where is he..." it was more like a demand rather than a question the woman asked. Yet the man shook his head, having no idea what she was talking about yet remained in silence. He refused to answer her question, if so his boss would kill him, if she didn't first.
"Now, I will ask you one more time," she smiled devilishly as she drew even closer now, letting her blade slide across the floor, making a screeching sound that would make anyone's spine tingle. "Where, is he?"
The man finally made his move as he quickly through the kunia at her face, yet he fell back screaming as to what she had done. She caught the kunia in her death, as her fangs now bite into the metal breaking it in half as it fell the ground with a clang. She spit the rest of it out, now observing him, eyes filled with malice and hate. He was greatly growing on her nerves, and time was wasting.
"I-I don't know where he is!" finally the man cried out, as he crawled backwards in a fast motion now his back hitting the wall and scrambling to his feet. Now right in front of him, the man looked up to see the woman's eyes, cold and dark, looking down at him. He now pleaded for his life, begging he had a wife and kids at home and not to kill him so he could go back to them. She simply frowned at this.
"Maybe this will teach you not to hide my son from me then." with anger she now brought up her Kusangi blade, stabbing it straight through his head as it smashed the brain, corrupting all nerves and signals to the body, as the blood oozed out from the forehead. Placing a foot on the head and pulling on the blades handle, it slid out nicely, but yet a few bits of flesh dangled off the side. Reaching a hand towards the end of the blade, the female grabbed it and tossed it in the air, catching it in her mouth as it slid down her throat without chewing it. The monsters real name was Miharu Hachiko, and she was in search for her son who as of recently had been kidnapped. Killing all these ninja in the room, they were to prevent her from getting to him, and now that none of them were in her way, she could proceed onward.
Sliding a door open, Miharu found herself in a new room, this one looking like a dining room. She found what looked to be another cloaked figure at a table sitting down located in the middle of the room. There were paintings held up on the walls, some of faces, and even scenery's located in far out japan as it looked like. Buildings, animals, all sorts. Looking closely narrowing the eyes, the person looked to be an old man, as he was sipping a bowl of soup, eating beef with his chopsticks along with sucking up the noodles. Walking around the room he didn't seem to notice her, his eyes only fixated on his food. Circling around the table, she wanted to know if this was the main 'Boss' the others were talking about earlier.
"Where is my son, old man?" she said as she removed her Grass Cutter blade from it's sheath, now holding it at his neck as Miharu stood behind him.
"Why is it always the young who die?" he coughed, taking another sip of his soup. Miharu now pissed off by this statement now held it even closer to his throat.
"I swear to god if you killed him I will murder every one in this shrine!" she bolted, now ready to slice his head off. She then stopped, as behind her she heard a door slide open then shut. Someone had entered the room, so now the two were no longer alone. Miharu turned her head to look at the figure, placing a hand on the old mans coat to make sure he didn't run while she wasn't looking.
"Who are you..." gritting her teeth, she was fed up with asking questions, she wanted answers, and she wanted them right now.
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Rensa Tatsumaki

Rensa Tatsumaki

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PostSubject: Re: The Hachiko Prodigy   Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:45 am

Rensa walked into the room yawning tiredly. "You really do go all out when your loved ones are in danger don't you Miharu-sensei?" Rensa said as he rubbed the back of his head. "Don't worry about your kid sensei he's mostly unharmed. I thought I was screwed when I was almost caught listening in on a conversation between that old man right there and the real leader of these thugs. Apparently their leader intends to harvest your kids eyes." Rensa grabbed hold of his sensei's sword and pushed it away from the old mans throat before he himself smashed the old mans face into the empty bowl and crushed the bowl on the table due to the force he used to smash the old mans face into the table. "Go find your kid sensei I'll clean up around here." Rensa said before he began beating the shit out of the old man.
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The Hachiko Prodigy
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